Mortgage Markets CUSO

Digital Mortgage Solutions for
Credit Unions

Partner with Us For Your Fast Track to Growth

Mortgage Markets CUSO leverages the power of collaboration, innovation and personalized multi-touch communication to offer our credit union mortgage partners advanced capabilities that allow you to build your mortgage business and increase member satisfaction.

High-Tech. High-Touch.

Joining Mortgage Market CUSO is your opportunity build your mortgage business by satisfying the Amazon-era mortgage shopper with a high-tech, customized experience. Our capabilities allow CUSO mortgage partners to provide members with a mortgage experience and level of service that feels like you designed it just for them. It is this unique offering that has helped Mortgage Markets CUSO become one of the fastest-growing mortgage lenders in all of Connecticut.       

Providing More Value for All of Our Members

To empower our credit union and realtor partners with exceptional mortgage service solutions and advanced capabilities that strengthen their relationships with members and consumers and drive value for credit unions to help their mortgage business grow.

By partnering with numerous realtors and credit unions across the United States, we’ve helping realtors sell more homes and credit unions compete with innovative fintech solutions that take the friction and hassle out of the mortgage lending process.

From the President’s Desk

While mortgage lending is facing disruption from big players, consumers looking for an alternative to the cookie-cutter, impersonal mortgage experiences they offer are turning to credit unions; and bringing their high expectations for advanced fintech capabilities with them. We founded Mortgage Markets CUSO to help credit unions offer their members an efficient and convenient mortgage experience that exceeds their expectations. To learn more about how you can partner with us, email Mortgage Market CUSO President Michael Ferraro personally at

“Mortgage Markets has been a tremendous help in improving the speed and turnaround of our online mortgage services. Our partnership is another great step in our mission of putting more control into our members’ hands.”

– John Holt, President and CEO, Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union