Realtor Partnership

Credit Union Mortgages for Buyers

Streamlined Lending Makes the Sale

With Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC, realtors can connect home buyers to an expert financing team that offers the personalized service consumers associate with credit unions and the high-tech experience today’s consumers expect.

A Natural Partnership

Realtors and mortgage lenders share a common purpose: the successful financing and sale of a home. Whether a potential home buyer walks in the door to a realty office or a credit union, most will require the services of the other, and alliances between realtors and credit unions can be strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

As a CUSO, Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC offers even more benefits to our realtor partners: connection to a network of credit unions, not just one, as an ongoing source of referrals. In addition, we offer a diversity of mortgage products at competitive rates to broaden the profile of home buyers you can assist with financing.

Our innovative and sophisticated fintech capabilities streamline the application process, making it fast and convenient for the consumer, and speeding the approval timeline.  Unlike the big name, online lending shops, we offer the personalized, friendly service credit unions are known for, and that your home buyers will appreciate.    

Outstanding Service
Selection of Mortgage Products
Advanced Fintech Technology
Streamlined Application

We want to work with you!

Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC operates for the benefit of credit unions and credit union members. Interested in learning more about becoming a Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC partner? 

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