Credit Union Partnership

Offer Credit Union Members Mortgage Excellence

The Best of Both Worlds

With Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC as a partner, credit unions can offer members a full-service mortgage experience with advanced fintech capabilities, all delivered with the personalized, friendly service they appreciate from your credit union.

A One-Stop Mortgage Experience

For credit unions, originating and servicing mortgage loans in-house with the efficiency you demand and the quality your members expect can require a staff and budget than is more than any one credit union can support. Not to mention monitoring and complying with ever-changing mortgage regulations.

Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC is your expert back office, ready to handle the end-to-end mortgage loan processing and reduce your operating expenses and administrative burden.

Our streamlined approach easily integrates with your internal workflow, so your members have a convenient, seamless experience that feels just like banking with your credit union. And, if you need assistance with an origination volume surge, or if you need a specialized loan product, our expert staff can provide the focused customer care that secures member satisfaction and retention. 

Outstanding Service
Selection of Mortgage Products
Advanced Fintech Technology
Streamlined Application

We want to work with you!

Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC operates for the benefit of credit unions and credit union members. Interested in learning more about becoming a Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC partner? 

John Holt, President & CEO of Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union shares highlights of the partnership with Mortgage Markets CUSO, LLC

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