3 Reasons Realtors and CUSOs are Perfect Partners

3 Reasons Realtors and CUSOs are Perfect Partners

Reason #1: 3 legs make a stool, and a sale

Bring together a buyer, a realtor and a lender and you have the ingredients for a successful home sale. A potential buyer seeking financing or a pre-approved buyer looking for the right property both benefit when realtors and lenders share referrals that get buyers the support they need.  

Reason #2: Team players win

Credit Union Service Organizations leverage the benefits of cooperation to provide member unions with services above and beyond what they can do for themselves. Realtors that collaborate with CUSOs can also benefit by gaining a wider source of referrals and offering buyers more options in financing.

Reason #3: Beyond the loan

Credit unions put the community in community banking, and for homebuyers looking to get established in a new neighborhood, a credit union can provide more than just a mortgage. Having all their banking business under one roof makes settling in easier for new owners, and the higher level of personalized service credit unions deliver reflects well on the referring realtor.  

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